December Faves

Hello, me in the future!

Yes, I’m writing this post for you! Cause I thought it’s kinda interesting to remembering things I used to like in the past. Yep, I just found my old diary and then felt some kinda sudden nostalgia attack. After read it, I found myself had been changing overtime, not only my taste on books, movies, songs, foods, etc; but also myself as a person, the way I think about people, decisions and choices i took, and a lot more. Can’t you believe that I (or, we?) used to had more than 3 crushes in elementary school? Oh man, it’s so embarrassing, yet, it’s so silly, right? So, because I think it’s kinda entertaining to just see what yourself in the past (me, at 17) used to like and love, then I hope this post will able to make you have a nice day. 

So, December is almost over now. Time flew so fast, okay. In two weeks school will start again, and I have to focus to study. But, hey, while it is still holiday, I tried to do a lot of things, and I had pick some of my favourites of this month. Now, let’s see the number one now!

#1 Harry Potter

Yep! Suddenly I had this urge to re-read Harry Potter. I started to read the third one, because I just thought I’ll be okay just to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (yep, the movie is my favourite from the rest), but, you know what happen if you read on book of a series novel. I can’t stop, I need more Harry Potter. Then I ended up reading the fifth, sixth, and seventh. And, yeah, I skipped the fourth one, Goblet of Fire, cause I’ve watched it so many times in the past. But you know what? I cried a lot while reading the last three. And you know, anything makes me cry is good and listed on my favourite list. So, favourite story this month is Harry Potter.

And I can’t say which one is my favourite, because it is so hard just to choose one of them. But if you wonder the top three, it would be The Deathly Hallows, The Prisioner of Azkaban, and the Order of Pheonix. 

But, wait, the Half Blood Prince is super good too. I mean, what happened there…

Okay, I literally like all of them. I can’t choose. 

#2 Jusuf

It’s actually not only for December. I love Jusuf’s channel on YouTube since a couple months ago, and had been binge watch a lot of her videos. Her video about productivity and positive vibes success to make me feel more motivated to study, work-out, going outside, or just chillin’ on some cozy weekend. I wonder how are her videos on the future, when she goes to college or when she got a job. Will her aesthetic change? Just curious by the way :p

#3 Glass Castle

This movie made me cry. It’s based on a memoir of Jeanette Walls, and it made me fall in love and brokenhearted to the characters as the movie went along. I love the cinematography and the casts (there are actors who played Nai and Zaja from Captain Fantastic also have role in here!) and of course, the story. It’s just, little bit relatable to my life I guess. I don’t know. Everything that make me sad, somehow feel relatable for me. 

#4 Alessia Cara

Next, is music. One night, I was on my car, waiting for my mom and brother from a minimarket to bought some sweets, and a song played on the radio. I didn’t know what song is that, but it sound familiar, and yes, I enjoyed it so much. Later that night, I searched the song from some lyrics I heard amd found out it was ‘Here’ by Alessia Cara. I knew why it’s familiar because I thought it used to be popular several times ago, and the reasong I didn’t know the song is because I hardly hear anything else that was not Twenty-one Pilots, Panic! at The Disco, or Bastille at the time it was a hit song on the radio. But, I love it now and play it almost everyday. And yes, her voice is amazingly unique. Love it soooooo much!

So, how is it? What do you feel now? Are you embarrassed? Surprised? Having this thought of ‘wat da heck why am i liking these things? Oh my gosh why was i so weird!’? I don’t know what will be on your head now, I mean, things changed right? Probably somethings I used to like is no longer your favourite anymore? I don’t know. But, whatever it is you are feeling now, I hope it’ll make you feel happy and be grateful and positive and can make your day better!

– much love, Mars 17yo


Dunkirk – A Review?




I love Christopher Nolan’s films and those charming actors who played in the movie, and never forget Hans Zimmer because the scoring is super sick๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ. The movie is not like my expectations, but I can say, I am so much satisfied with everything.

The story is quite simple, which one thing that not fit with my expectations, but somehow I love this film because the story is not complicated. That’s why I understand why some people said that this movie is quite boring at the beginning. But hey! This post is me talking, or typing, my thoughts about this movie, not about some people’s opinions. So, here’s another thoughts.

As I said before, I love Hans Zimmer, because he did a really great job here. The music really fill the atmosphere and make the movie so intense. Feels like I was watching a war film with horror ambience. But that’s another plus, because it’s different with any other war film. It’s showing you the suspense in the middle of a war, with minim dialog.

But, as a war film, of course this movie has a lot moral values. You’ll have to watch it yourself to know the values, because if I tell you now, I might spoil the story. I can’t tell you just a little part; I might end up telling you the whole movie. 

And, the most important things, the actors are so ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ. Lucky me, I watched it with my friend who also love Tom Hardy so much, so basically, we’re fangirling together inside the theater. And if you want to see some Harry Styles here, he looks completely gorgeous with the hair cut. Everyone plays their role perfectly and success to bring various emotions through the movie.

This movie is very recommended if you want to feel thrilled and watched some good-looking men and study a little history on this planet.

No, actually, all of you have to watch it! 

I love everything from this movie; 9/10 from me. Now after reading this, go find tickets and enjoy the movie at you nearest theather. And if you already watched it, share your thoughts about it in the comment section, I’d love to know what do you think about it! 

– Mars

February – A Movie List

Well, thereโ€™s many good quality films last month, like Arrival and La La Land, and also Patriots Day, and pity for me because I only watch a single movie in theater, which is Raditya Dikaโ€™s hangout movie. Hangout is actually good film for Indonesian film industries, but I really waited for Arrival for so long, and when the nearest theater playing it, unfortunately I have no cost and no friend to watch it since I bought some highlighters and no friends of mine enjoyed sci-fi film as much as I do.ย  So I think I only can wait until I can stream the high quality of the film on the internet. Continue reading “February – A Movie List”