A photo

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Thoughts : Ambitions and Me

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March : A Playlist

Love your moments and appreciate any obstacles which try to get you down, because you are strong.

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Rainy Days

The sky turns grey,

and eyes barely reach the morning ray

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Dear myself

From : 16 years old me

To : 6 years old me

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She is an artist.

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Water Down

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Deep Ego

Do you ever hate someone because you don’t like their character?

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February – A Movie List

Well, there’s many good quality films last month, like Arrival and La La Land, and also Patriots Day, and pity for me because I only watch a single movie in theater, which is Raditya Dika’s hangout movie. Hangout is actually good film for Indonesian film industries, but I really waited for Arrival for so long, and when the nearest theater playing it, unfortunately I have no cost and no friend to watch it since I bought some highlighters and no friends of mine enjoyed sci-fi film as much as I do.  So I think I only can wait until I can stream the high quality of the film on the internet. Continue reading “February – A Movie List”