Perfect Day

A perfect day, doesn’t mean I have nothing to do but just relaxing myself at home while it’s raining outside. Well, maybe it’ll be nice, but for now, I think the perfect day will be good with these things :

•  It’s still dark outside, but I already wake up feeling fresh from my peaceful sleep. 

•  Take my journal and write things that I am grateful for. 

•  Do a little exercise, not to hard but enough to make my body feel fresh again.

•  Take a relaxing warm shower and wash my hair. 

•  Cook some breakfast for me and my family. French toast with fruit jam and honey is my favourite, it’ll be nice with warm chocolate milk.

•  Put on my favourite clothes, because today is no school day, and I have plans to spend it with my friends.

•  Then meet with some friends, chat about life and stuff, with a lot of jokes and laughs. Make memories with visiting some places in the town and take a lot of pictures of us.

•  Have a lunch with some nice street foods. Again, while share stories and cheerful vibes with my friends.

•  Then, I’ll go to a cozy coffeeshop by myself. With a warm latte, and maybe just doodling on my journal. And outside is raining, and beautiful acoustic music is playing.

• It’s almost night, so I go home and have another relaxing warm bath. 

• Now my mother cook for the family, and then we have a great dinner as we share our day.

• Go to my room, take a couple hours just to read a book with a comfy blanket on.

• Or binge watch some episodes of TV show.

• Or watch some heart-toucing films.

• Or just read some blog posts.

• –while putting my favourite face mask. 

• Then, put some relaxing music, and do some stretching or yoga.

• Turn the light off, and pull my blanket. It’s a perfect time to have a really good sleep. 

So that’s it. My perfect day list, with family, friends, and some chill time for myself. Perfect.

Whenever you’re feeling down, unmotivated or just feel everything in this world sucks, try to make a perfect day list, like this one I did today. For me it’s like creating a suggestion for myself that say, Come on! Life is sucks sometime, but you have to get rid of it. Remember these sweet things are exist and are waiting for you to cheer your day as a perfect day!


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