a short story : he left her no clue

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you we’ve been friends since such a long time.

We’ve always together going through ups and downs of life, sharing not only our cherish moments, but also a shoulder when those breakdowns come. We declared ourselves as the duke and duchess of our own imaginary kingdom deep in the forest outside the city. We’ve walk, run, and bike together thousands of miles that none of us would ever even remember. We talked, laughed, shouted, scolded, and cried over each other, and no matter what happened, the next morning we were always sit next to each other again, like nothing ever happened before.
But then something changed. We didn’t went to school together again, not sharing the same table at lunch anymore. I told myself that he might just busy at that time, I mean we were on our senior year at high school, everyone busy to prepare for the uni, right? Then, I would just have to give him some space and time, right?
Until one day, when it was almost a week we didn’t even talk, I realized that it was him who’s been changed. He didn’t answer my morning or afternoon greet whenever we met at the bus stop. He started to reschedule any other class which i was not in. He didn’t sit next to me again on our way to school or when our bus heading home again. I felt weirdly hurt on my stomach when I realized he was even avoiding to look at my eyes.
wrong. wrong. I kept told myself that I was wrong. How did Uni preparation effect our friendship like this? We were best friend, but now, what happened to us?
The next day I let him get into the bus before me, then when I got inside, without saying anything I sat down beside him, so he couldn’t avoid me again. I knew he was surprised by my presence, then I turned and looked straight into his eyes. I asked him what happened, why was he ignoring me, what I did made him so mad at me, and lots of questions I kept asked myself all this time. He was there, staring at me without any expression on his face while I was babbling and holding my own tears at the same time. He said nothing, then looked out to the window, and remained silent until we arrived at school.
I was the first person who rushed out the bus that morning. Nobody saw me on the first period at math class, because I skipped and cried in the bathroom instead. My throat had been tightened since I finally gave up on his behavior. He didn’t answer my questions that day, and the next day, and the next week, then the next month, and even after years, and I never understood why we got like this, until now.




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