#School Trip – Bali Haul pt. 1

Hello everyone!

I actually didn’t bought many things while I was in Bali, but I spent my money lavishly on things I shouldn’t have buy. I mean, I didn’t even know what to do with chamomile essential oil on my every day life, buy I bought it anyway. 

Note to self : think properly before buying something. It may save your money.

But, even I felt like I shouldn’t bought somethings I already bought, I still feel happy without regret. Well, someday later, I would use these things and remember all the memories I had when I was doing this school trip, that’s why I don’t have any regret to bought them. It’s because a little memory they bring.

So, I’m going to make a little haul post now! I’ll divide the haul into some parts, so you won’t get bored of my thoughts on things I bought! Anyway, here’s the first list!

  • Herborist – Manggo body butter

    I like this product! It moisturise my skin perfectly and the mango scent smells super nice. I love to use it before I go outside because it makes my skin soft and fresh. But, there’s one thing I don’t like, which the scent doesn’t stay long, only about 3 or 4 hours, then I lost the mango scent I super love:(

    • Herborist – Chamomile essential oil

      I mentioned this product earlier as if I didn’t buy this, I might save my money. But the reality is I bought this oil anyway.

      Reason? Because I love the smell (really relaxing!), and I might never have any chance to buy any essential oil later (because later in my student life, maybe there’s another thing I can buy, instead a bottle of essential oil). 

      And I still have no idea what should I do with this product! If you reading this, and have use this kind of essential oil, maybe you can help me by write something on the comment box below!😋

      • Bali Alus – Chocolate body and face mask

      I love face mask, and thought why not buy one from Bali? I chose the chocolate variant because before this, I was planning to buy a chocolate face mask but I didn’t because I have to use the money to bought another thing. (such a poor money management, lol). I haven’t try this, so I can’t tell you I love it or hate it, but I really hope this mask will be one of my favourite.

      And, that’s all for the first part! I hope you like this post 🙂 


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