#School Trip

Hello everyone!

About 2 weeks ago, I had a school trip to visit many universities located on the Java island. This trip was mean to help us, the 12th grader, to prepare the next step of our educational life, which is going to college. As we would visit many faculties on those various universities, we should choose which we want to visit. I chose to visit ITB in Bandung, UGM in Jogjakarta, and ITS in Surabaya. This was super fun, because we could get the college atmosphere while we visited the uni. And, wait, the fun didn’t stop there, because after we went to Surabaya, we also went to Bali!

This was the most interesting time, because we visited many places in Bali, like Tanjung Benoa (where we can play many watersport here), Pandawa beach, Jimbaran beach (We had dinner with the whole batch of 12th grader), Tanah Lot and the most important, Joger and Khrisna (where we can buy many things as souvenirs). 

I really like this trip because me and my classmates could have a long time together on the bus, and also there’s a lot of new experiences I’ll never regret. I hope this journey stay forever in my head cause every memories are all super fun. 

And also, I’m going to post somethings related to this trip, so, be ready!

Have a great day! 



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