Honesty and Society

Last week, I was dejected. 

There’s an event in my school, and everyone seemed busy and excited. So was I. Well, not really actually, but last week was Kartini’s Day and you had to wear ‘kebaya’, one of Indonesian traditional clothes and join some competitions at school. It was quiet exciting for me before, until something happened then ruined my mood.

So what happened is my friend asked me to accompany her to the cafetaria. I wanted to buy some snack too, so I said yes. I entrusted my phone to my friends while they were preparing for the make up competition. And then, I went to cafetaria.

No, there was nothing in cafeteria that made me feel worse. It was something happened in my class while I was in the cafetaria. Because when I and my friend arrived at the class, we found it was empty. They probably already went to the competition and left the class. Then my other friends came and asked us to go to the photobooth for taking some pictures. Of course the first thing I did was looking for my phone. Couldn’t find it for the first, so I thought my friends brought it with them. But then when I kept looking, I found my phone.

But it was already broken. The tempered glass was cracked, so clearly there’s some visible fissures on the right corner.

I was disappointed.

The lcd was okay, but my phone was broken. I mean broken.

That was one, but what disappointed me the most was no one asked me for apologize. I know they were busy, maybe didn’t realized what happened to my phone. But I found my phone on the table, not on the floor. So it’s mean that someone already knew it fell and put it on the table. Probably that someone who put it back, knew that my phone’s screen was cracked.

Yeah, probably. Because the truth is no one came to me to say sorry. Not even until today. When almost every girls in my class had known the condition of my phone.

I don’t blame anyone, but I am still feel piqued with all my friends now. I will straight forgive this because I know how busy everyone was. All I need is someone’s honesty to admit that she/he already broke the responsibility to kept my phone while I was not there.

For you guys out there, please be honest. It may save your friend’s mood.

– Mars


2 respons untuk ‘Honesty and Society

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. You are right, I guess the perception have took a tool on them.

    So what I can suggest, just put a piece of paper, where everyone can read. And tell, I forgive the person who did it. Nothing else. No long explanation! And wait and see.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Actually it’s a good thing to try, but in my environment, it’s a little too far. Some people might think I’m too overreacting with it, and I just don’t want them to think bad about me. But I really appreciate your kindness :)))


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