Dear myself

From : 16 years old me

To : 6 years old me

To my dearest Mar, I miss you.

I miss being you. My life is harder now, sometimes I thought I can’t stand it no more. I see now why people wish to never growing old. Growing up means you have to be stronger person, mentally and physically. To learn new things and applied your knowledge to things arround you.

When I was you, I know a little about world, and sometimes hate them for a single reason. Now I know the world in different perspectives, but now I hate them for a lot more reasone.

I’ve been through our lowest point with a cry. Just like you when you were mad at something. I still thought about running away sometimes. But just like when I was you, I never have enough courage to dissapear.

Dear my 6 year old self, I miss being you. I miss all friends we knew. I miss having friendships with people we can laugh together. I miss our nearest people. I miss the trees in our frontyard. I miss our teachers. I miss our bicycle and wounds from falling to the road. I miss our nightmares when a fever attacked. I miss the bed I used to slept on every night. I miss the cold wall we touched with our cheeck. I miss the rainy day when we played in the porch. I miss our birthday party and cakes. I miss our little family.

Dear 6 years old of me, I want to hug you. I want to see you smile at me. I want to hear your voice when singing. I want to hear you wild imagination about the world.

Mar, when you felt angry about something, just cry. It is okay to crying. Come to Mom, and tell her you were sad and confuse. Tell her you love her. Hug her, and whisper to her ear that you need her the most now. Tell her that she need to trust her children to be strong person. Tell her to raise us with the gentleness of love. Tell her to hug us whenever we were angry, mad, or being childish.

Tell her I need her. Tell her I miss her.

Sincerely, 16 years-old you.


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